Mansion in Riga downtown area. 15 km to Jurmala. Floor space – 751 square meters. Land area – 998 square meters.

The mansion contains 4 maisonettes, 185 square meters each. White interior finish, brand new pipes and wire, wooden windows and doors, public utilities, gas heating.

The building can serve as a residential compound, office premises, hotel, cafeteria, etc. An open-air cafe is possible to organize on the roof.

The project allows for construction of a SPA center – an approved design allots 160 square meters for it.

The property is located in the heart of the city on Zaubes street, and is bordered by Kr. Valdemara street, Vesetas street, and Sporta street. The surroundings feature blocks of flats constructed in the early to mid 1900's, as well as infrastructure facilities. Several schools, administrative blocks, as well as Arena Riga, Olympic Sports Centre, which hosts different events, and an office building of Rietumu Banka are located in the neighbouring areas.

An access way is available from Zaubes street. It is a small street of local significance. The traffic on Zaubes street is moderate, as well as the number of foot passengers. The property adjoins the street, which ensures a very convenient access. Zaubes street is paved with a high-quality asphalt. The traffic from Vesetas street to Zaubes street is unidirectional. Sideways are generally used as parking spaces. The problem of parking is very acute for this residential quarter.

Public transport services are widely available – trolley-buses and buses run along the neighbouring streets and can take you to nearly every district of the city. The nearest public transport stops are located 50 meters away from the property.

Description of the land area

The property includes a land plot of 998 square meters with flat relief. The short side of the land plot (23,55 m) is adjacent to Zaubes street, whereas long sides go along the residential quarter.

Utility lines – centralized electricity network, heat supply network, telecommunications, natural gas supply, water supply system and sewer network – are duly installed on the property.

A new water-carriage system for waste water and outdoor illumination are installed on the territory.

Configuration of the land plot provides for due maintenance of the mansion. Residential building is located in the center of the land plot, parallel to the street. The plot is supplied with paved pathways and parking lots. A stone-garden is set out on the plot adjacent to Zaubes street. The territory is hedged from Zaubes street and other land plots with a new metal and stone fence with power operated gates.

Description and layout of the building

According to valuation of inventory, the building was constructed in 1936. Initially it was a two-storey residential building, but recently it has been reconstructed throughout into a four-storey building. The building is not listed as a monument of architecture, it is relatively plain and has no architectural elements of decoration. The building can be distinguished among other surrounding constructions due to just four storeys and its light-coloured front.

The surrounding buildings are massive five- or six-storeyed constructions, therefore a detached four-storeyed building draws attention. It has been ascertained that the reconstruction has been duly completed and all structural parts and network of engineering lines have been renewed. The front of the building is done all over. The only things which remain uncompleted are interior finish, including interior staircase, doors, and sanitary-engineering installations.

Description of apartments

There are 2 interior stairwells and one exterior staircase in the building.

Apartments №1 and №2 are located on the level of the 1st and 2nd floor. One can enter these apartments from the yard on the 1st floor or from the stairwell on the 2nd floor. On this stairwell on the 1st floor there are premises for a security service and some utility rooms.

Entrance to the apartments №3 and №4 is available only from the exterior staircase and from the second stairwell, which links the exterior staircase with the 3rd floor. Interior layout is quite identical for each apartment.

Apartments №1 and №2 on the 1st level have:
a kitchen, a hall with the ladder going up to the 2nd level, WC facilities, and a confined room. Entrance to a living room is made from the hall (there is one living room in the apartment №3 and two living rooms in the apartment №4).

There is a recessed balcony on the 1st floor of the apartment №4. Both apartments have small balconies, which are to be entered from the kitchen.

On the 4th floor in the apartment №3 three rooms and detached WC facilities are located near the hall. One of the rooms offers an exit to the recessed balcony.

In the apartment №4 two rooms and detached WC facilities are located near the hall. One of the rooms provides for a secluded premise which can be arranged as a study or a cloakroom.

Area of the premises

According to valuation of inventory, a build-up area is 259,7 square meters, capacity – 3213 cubic meters, floorage – 751,8 square meters, including 698,7 square meters occupied by apartments and 35,1 square meters – by shared premises.

Structural parts of the building

Visual inspection of the building indicates that serviceability status of the building's structural parts is excellent.

Foundation – cobblestone laying, outside and carrying walls – brick constructions, outside walls are heat-insulated, exterior finish – painted plastering;

inter-floor covering – renovated wooden and metal structures, roof made of wooden and metal structures;

roof covering – rubber-impregnated covering, roof runoff – galvanized tin sheets, double-glassed windows of wooden structures;

common stair – concrete stairs with tiles, no banister; interior stairs – temporary wooden structures;

Interior finish - “white” finish – walls, ceilings, and floors are prepared for decorative finish.

Outside utility systems

Connection to the central city mains supply, connection to the municipal sewers and central water supply, connection to the central city gas supply system.

On-site utilities

New power network, new heat supply systems (convector heaters, an individual gas boiler installed in every apartment), new internal water supply and sewage systems, natural ventilation channels, interior lines of communication (Internet, TV, intercom), internal gas-distributing system.

1st Floor Plan

3rd Floor Plan